How often should I go to the dentist?

Dentist showing X-Rays to patient who often visits the dentist, with text - California Oral SurgeryRegular dental visits (twice a year) are a standard recommendation for most patients as part of your good oral care. The check-up will usually include a visit to both a hygienist and a dentist. The dental hygienist will focus on the dental cleanings of your teeth, advice on looking after your teeth, and answering any questions. During the dental visit, the dentist will evaluate the cleaning done by the hygienist, check over your gums and teeth, identify any oral health problems, perform X-rays and suggest treatment. Check-ups are thus important for both the prevention of problems and the cleaning of your teeth.

Why is it necessary that you should have an appointment twice a year?

You should go to the dentist every six months because, at your appointment, your dentist will:

  • Perform dental cleanings. Excessive plaque and tartar build-up are removed. Your floss may not have reached into the area deep into the gum line.
  • Check for unseen issues.
  • Check for tooth decay.
  • Diagnose and treat any other oral health problems found. This may help prevent conditions from worsening. This is especially important if it is oral cancer.

As your dental needs change over time the recommendation of biannual visits may change.

When should you book to see your dentist more often?

On average, dentists recommend that a person will need two dentist appointments a year. The need to visit more may be influenced by:

  • The presence of gum disease
  • A family history of cavities or plaque build-up.
  • A weakened immune system
  • Stress or illness. These can cause changes in the mouth or bring on an infection.

However, if you haven’t had a problem with your teeth and gums for many years then your need to see the dentist will be less.

If you’re seeing your dentist for the first time, what essential information do you need to share before your first dental check?

When going for your first dentist appointment, your new dentist will ask about your general health needs and existing oral hygiene.  You will likely discuss the following things:

  • Medical history/current medicines: Your dentist will need to know if you have any health conditions. This is because some diseases can affect your oral health. One example is that diabetes increases the risk of gum disease. Some medications can cause dry mouth which will also affect your oral health. Dentists will also want to evaluate how your current medications will react with and medication they may prescribe.
  • Current dental health: Your dentist will want to know if you think you have a new cavity, tooth sensitivity, feel any irregularity in your mouth tissue or have any other oral health concerns.
  • Dental fears: Many people are extremely anxious about going to the dentist or receiving dental care. Your dentist will want to know the best way to make you feel comfortable and tailor your pain management.

Regular visits and checkups to the dentists are important both for adults and children. There you can make sure that your cleaning and dental hygiene habits are being done correctly. If you need a referral to an oral surgeon then contact California Oral Surgery. They provide many services including dental implants and extractions. Located in Stockton, CA, they serve patients throughout San Joaquin County.

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