Your Knocked-Out Teeth Survival Guide

Each and every year, north of 5 million teeth are knocked out of the mouths of Americans alone.

This is one of the most common dental emergencies that experts, like ours at California Oral Surgery and Implantology, see on a weekly basis. A dental emergency like this that can feel like the end of the world until you realize that the overwhelming majority of knocked out teeth can be saved – provided you act quickly.

Below we highlight just a couple of things you want to focus on to save teeth that have been knocked out, giving the experts at California Oral Surgery and Implantology every opportunity to restore your smile back to better than brand-new!

Here’s How to Save Your Tooth

The very first thing you’ll need to do is (obviously) find the tooth that has been knocked out.

Depending on how your tooth was knocked out this can be a bit tricky, but after locating the tooth you’ll want to be sure that you are picking it up from the crown side – avoiding the root side of your tooth as much as possible.

Picking it up by the root can damage the tooth beyond repair even with the gentlest touch, a mistake you want to avoid at all costs.

The next thing you’ll need to do is gently rinse off the tooth with a bit of cold water (and only cold water). Don’t use soap, toothpaste, or mouthwash. You will need to ensure that you aren’t wrapping up your tooth in paper towels, napkins, or cloth.

Instead what you need to do is gently tuck your tooth back into the open socket within your gums, if possible. If that is not possible then put your tooth between your gums and your cheek. This protects the tooth, keeps it moist, and gives oral and maxillofacial surgeons like those at California Oral Surgery and Implantology, the best shot at repairing your smile with this tooth specifically.

Lastly, you should contact a trusted dental surgeon ASAP and let them know that you have a knocked-out tooth that needs to be fixed.

Provide them as much information as possible about the facial trauma that caused the tooth to be knocked out in the first place. Let them know that you have protected the tooth as best you can and are bringing it in with you to have repaired.

For more information, contact the experts at California Oral Surgery and Implantology!



How do I know if my tooth can be saved?

Truth be told, in the overwhelming majority of cases that a tooth has been knocked out of your smile you’ll be able to have that tooth replaced with zero difficulties whatsoever. It is important that you follow the right procedure to protect your tooth though, to give experts every opportunity to get it back where it belongs.

How long do I have to save my tooth?

The sooner you are able to see an oral surgeon the better off you are going to be, though you can usually wait an hour or longer without running the risk of losing your tooth completely.

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