We offer a complete range of dental care options including consultations, surgical removal of wisdom teeth, oral pathology and dental implants.

Oral Pathology
You might come across a bump or sore in your mouth that doesn’t seem to heal. If you notice any sort of abnormality, make an appointment right away. Our expert surgeon might recommend a biopsy to rule out cancer or other oral pathology.
Bone Grafting
The jawbone associated with missing teeth atrophies over a period of time, which causes poor quality and quantity of bone suitable for implant placement. Bone grafting procedures will strengthen your jawbone and preserve facial structure.
Tooth Exposure
An impacted tooth simply means that it is stuck and cannot erupt into function. Often in preparation for a grid and chain procedure, our providers will expose an impacted tooth so it can quickly and safely emerge from its socket.
Full Mouth Extractions
Before being fitted for a full set of dentures, your remaining teeth need to be extracted. Our providers are experienced in full mouth extractions in preparation for the dental prosthetic you choose.
Dental Implants
Dental implants help change the lives of patients daily. Implants are designed to provide a strong foundation for replacement teeth that look, feel, and function like natural teeth.

Wisdom Teeth
If your wisdom teeth are causing you discomfort, call us for a consultation for surgical removal. Impacted wisdom teeth can adversely affect your oral health.

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