Dental Bone Grafting Cost

Oral Surgeon examining a patient's scan for future bone graft. - Stockton, CAIf you’re thinking of regaining your award-winning smile through dental implants, you might need to have a bone graft to fortify your bone mass. There are plenty of ways we can do this, each with its own price point.

At California Oral Surgery in Stockton, California, we provide all kinds of bone grafting services that you can fund with various dental insurance programs. If you’d like a personalized quote, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

What Is A Dental Bone Graft?

A dental bone graft is a procedure where an oral surgeon removes bone from somewhere else in your body and uses it to support a dental implant. All implants need a solid foundation to fuse correctly and provide a permanent tooth implant, which you won’t have naturally after significant bone loss.

How Much Does A Dental Bone Graft Cost?

Bone grafts vary in price from patient to patient, and the total cost depends on various factors. Understandably, you’re fearful of the potential cost. But it may not be as bad as you’re imagining. Not to mention that many insurance providers cover bone grafting — and our practice accepts a wide variety of dental insurance policies, including Medicare, Denti-Cal, Cigna, Aetna, Delta Dental, and many more.

Generally speaking, a bone graft on its own could cost between $300 and $800 depending on the type of bone material used. But this doesn’t include the anesthetics, hospitalization, or the much-needed orthopedic surgeon assistance. So, you should expect the overall bill to be somewhere between $2,000 and $3,500. In addition, if you require CT scans or an x-ray, it could add up to $1,000 to your invoice.

We determine the cost of your dental bone graft procedure by considering the type of graft, the complexity, length of the procedure, complications, extras, and the amount of bone graft material needed.

Type Of Graft And Material

Price shouldn’t be the primary consideration when choosing graft material, but it’s a factor when you have multiple best options.

Using your human bone, synthetic bone, or animal bone during a simple graft (like a socket graft, for instance) ranges from $200 to $1,200 per implant. But utilizing your own bone can range between $2,000 and $3,000. Block bone grafts tend to be on the higher end as you need far more bone grafting material due to the increased deterioration.

Remember that your bill could rack up when using foreign grafting material like cow bone or mineral bone substitute if tissue rejection occurs. But our dental team’s skills ensure you receive the utmost care and understand all pros and cons beforehand.

The Extent Of The Procedure

Two operations might be needed if you and our dentists decide to use your own bone, which ramps up the cost. In addition, rarer bone grafting materials or numerous graft sites also drive up the price.

Will Insurance Cover Your Bone Graft And Dental Implant?

Unfortunately, most insurances don’t cover dental implants. However, the majority of them will cover your bone grafting procedure provided they deem it as medically necessary. Many insurance plans will cover the surgery if you’ve lost bone tissue because of an accident or illness.

If you have a general medical insurance policy and not a specific dental one, we encourage you to check the fine print carefully. They might not cover specific oral medical procedures.


The dental bone grafting cost varies massively. But one thing you can count on is us at California Oral Surgery in Stockton, CA, accepting so many insurance plans. Book a consultation now, or give us a call to start the process.


Is A Bone Graft Worth It?

Bone grafts have worked wonders for those suffering from missing teeth. It’s an essential part of implant surgery. Without it, the bone loss often caused by tooth extraction or loss can’t support your shiny new dental implants.

What’s The Success Rate Of The Dental Bone Grafting Procedure?

A failed dental bone graft is unlikely. The success rate of dental bone grafts is 66.06%, depending on the type of bone material used.

What Can’t You Do After A Dental Bone Graft?

After a block or socket graft, you should avoid touching the surgical site and rinsing for the first day after the procedure. Don’t pull on your lip or try to look at the stitches either, just in case it damages the area.

After a sinus lift, you can’t blow your nose for four weeks, drink with straws, spit, go scuba diving, or do anything that changes the pressure in your nasal cavity.

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