Cost of Wisdom Tooth Extraction

X-ray image of wisdom teeth and extraction- Stockton, CAIn our late teens or early 20’s, our back teeth and jaws may start to ache. It could be an incoming wisdom tooth. The pain can be a huge inconvenience. Here at California Oral Surgery, we want to make payment easy for you, so we can focus on relieving your wisdom teeth pain. This article will explain the cost attached to the extraction process and how we can help. 

Is Wisdom teeth removal necessary?

Many wonder, is extracting wisdom teeth worth it? It depends on the formation of your mouth and teeth. Some people have enough room for all 32 teeth, but many do not. The wisdom teeth are normally impacted or emerge in an awkward position, also known as a misaligned eruption. They can cause crowding of other teeth and tooth pain.  

If your wisdom teeth are not removed, you could develop pericoronitis. That is when gum tissue inflammation occurs around your wisdom tooth. Bacteria and debris get trapped under the gum tissue, forming an abscess and a very sore jaw. You might even bite the gum tissue by accident, causing more pain. 

Wisdom Tooth Removal Cost 

The cost of wisdom teeth removal depends on the way the tooth is positioned, along with the type of pain management solutions you need. Complicated treatment can cause the price to increase.

Simple Wisdom Tooth 

This is when the tooth is fully visible to the oral surgeon and can be extracted without complications. The estimated wisdom tooth removal cost is between $75-$200 per tooth, and all four wisdom teeth are $300-$800. 

Impacted Wisdom Tooth 

Impacted wisdom teeth get stuck under your gums but above your jaw bone. The tooth can be partially erupted, with some of the tooth exposed and some under the gums. It will need a surgical extraction. The Impacted wisdom teeth cost between $225-$600 per tooth and $1000-$2400 to remove all four impacted wisdom teeth. 

Pain Management For Wisdom Tooth Removal 

Of course, our oral surgeons want to ease your pain while you are comfortable. Here are the most common options available for your wisdom teeth removal. 

Local Anesthesia

The dentist will use a local anesthetic to numb the pain in the area of extraction. This is commonly included in the cost for the entire procedure. They may also use nitrous oxide to relax you. This is typically $40-$90 in addition to the wisdom teeth removal cost. We accept most dental insurances to pay this fee. 

General Anesthesia 

The removal cost with general anesthesia sedation can be a little more expensive, but it is recommended for patients with impacted wisdom teeth. The operation is done while you are asleep and can be done conveniently in the dental office. You may expect the wisdom teeth average cost to be about $850-$3000 per tooth. Dental insurance is very helpful for the sedation option. 

How Can You Pay For The Wisdom Teeth Removal? 

Now that you know how much it is to have wisdom teeth removed, there are a variety of payment options that are sure to work for you. See which one below will be best for you:

With Insurance 

You will be happy to know most dental insurance plans cover all wisdom tooth removal costs above. We accept a variety of dental care plans here at California Oral Surgery such as Cigna, Denti-Cal, Medicare, CCPOA, Aetna, Delta Dental, and many more. Enrolling in health savings accounts is very helpful for dental treatments they may not cover. 

You can also research discount dental plans to supplement your procedure. Along with healthcare costs, most insurance companies will cover emergency inpatient hospital care in the case of a dental emergency or severe dental issues. Also, dental insurance helps pay for routine visits and diagnostic costs. 

Without Insurance 

At California Oral surgery, our dental office accepts all major credit cards. We can also set up an in-house payment plan so monthly payments plans can be arranged. Give us a call to see how we can help make payment easier for you.

Depending on your financial situation, some dental schools may offer cheap wisdom teeth removal. The student dentists there are always supervised by a board-certified dentist. 

Your Visit With California Oral Surgery

We know dental procedures can be intimidating. If you have a dental insurance plan, why not contact us to see if we can work with your insurance providers? If not, we still welcome your call and would love to arrange a plan with you. Schedule an appointment with our trusted surgeons here. 

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